We do donuts differently.

Our donuts + Current menu.

We offer a wide variety of creative, innovative donut flavors. Here are some of the flavors you will find daily at Dough Joy! Specials are also often announced via social media.

JUNE 16 - JUNE 19

Mini-donuts on top of ALL latte purchases.

*NEW* Brown Sugar Cinnamon Roll *NEW*

*NEW* Strawberry Lemonade *NEW*

*NEW* Stroop There It Is
ft. Stroop Club *NEW

*NEW* Cold Brew Caramelatto Donut ⁣*NEW
*cold brew infused icing topped with caramel drizzle*

Everything But the Bagel
MUST TRY!* ⁣this glazed donut with Everything Bagel Seasoning and a dollop of cream cheese in the center.

Apple Cinny ⁣Fritter
our go to fritter, packed with apples, cinnamon,and dipped in our house made glaze*

*cinnamon and sugar coated donut* ⁣

*chocolate with rainbow sprinkles*

Strawberry Milkshake
*strawberry with white DJ sprinkles*

Rainbow Pride⁣
*we're gay all year round, and proud of it! vanilla-esque flavor icing topped with edible rainbow glitter

Trans Pride⁣
*we're gay all year round, and proud of it! vanilla-esque flavor icing topped with edible rainbow glitter

Cookies & Cream (reversed version) 
*chocolate icing & vanilla cookies

French Toast 
*maple and cinnamon infused icing, topped with cinnamon and powdered sugar*

Birthday Cake ⁣
*birthday cake flavor icing topped with funfetti sprinkles and a dollop of pink buttercream*

Basic B ⁣
*basic glazed donut, but delicious!*

Cinnamon Glazed Twist
*cinnamon infused glaze layered on our cinnamon twist*

Locations & Hours

Capitol Hill (brick & mortar)
1316 E Pike St. 98122

Thursday & Friday
8:00a-2p *or sold out*

Saturday & Sunday
8a-1p *or sold out*

Ballard (donut truck)
5401 17th Ave NW 98107

Thursday & Friday
9a-2p *or sold out*

Saturday & Sunday
9a-1p *or sold out*

Despite the myth, we rarely sell out of ALL donuts early because we make so many now to meet the demand! Check our Instagram for news & updates.

What we do.

Welcome to Dough Joy, Seattle's first and only 100% fully plant based donut shop & cafe. We take pride in creating delicious yeast raised donuts and lattes, with fun flavors, and providing a personal experience.

As we like to say, we do donuts differently.

We are 100% plant based &
completely animal free.

Most raised donuts are made with egg, milk, butter, and loads of cheap ingredients to make them tasty. We cut out all the animal products, use hand picked high quality ingredients, and make all our donuts in small batches daily.

We think we do donuts better, but you be the judge!


Allergy warning: Our donuts contain coconut, wheat, and are fried in soy shortening. The dough does not contain tree nuts, although some of the toppings on our donuts may (depending what is in rotation for the day). May contain peanuts if topping consists of peanuts/peanut butter. They are 100% vegan & contain no animal products. There is always the possibility of cross-contamination and we make no guarantees, despite taking measures to limit the possibility of cross contamination.

Get donuts.

1316 E Pike St. 98122

Th-Sun 8:00a-Sold Out